Welcome to the home website for Radiostics LLC and our spin off companies: Liver Nodularity LLC and Color Enhanced Detection LLC.  Click below to learn about our history and our mission.

Imaging Core


-  Radiostics LLC provides high quality

   rapid interpretation of medical images

   and consultation for drug and

   medical device clinical trials with

   imaging endpoints.  Our image 

​   interpretations are made by American

   Board of Radiology subspecialty

   academic radiologists with experience in

   multi-institutional clinical trials.

Liver Nodularity

 - Liver Nodularity LLC has produced a method

   and software tool for measuring liver surface

   nodularity on CT images for cirrhosis detection,

​   staging, and monitoring of therapy.

Color Enhanced Detection (CED)

- Color Enhanced Detection LLC has produced a

   method and software tool for improved

   detection of stroke and low bone density

   or osteoporosis on CT images.

Our Innovations

Our Expertise