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We are leaders in independent radiology review of phases 1 through 4 drug and device trials and work closely with regulatory officials. Our diverse team of independent reviewers is from preeminent academic and clinical practices.


Medical Image Annotation

Our professionals have experience in high-quality 2D and 3D medical image annotation. We can create high-quality training and validation AI algorithms and leverage a custom, web-based image annotation platform.


  • 2D and 3D tumor segmentation

  • 3D organ segmentation

  • Anatomic labelling

  • 2D and 3D body composition analysis

  • Image finding annotation

  • Image series categorization


Oncologic Imaging

Radiostics offers unparalleled expertise for oncologic imaging trials. We provide access to national esperts who have significant depth in sub-specialized oncologic imaging experience.

Our oncologic radiologists interpret all imaging modalities, utilize any objective response criteria, and evaluate all tumor types.

We have content expertise in all treatment types, including chemotherapy, target therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, embolic therapy, etc.

Our partnership with AI Metrics technology further sets us apart and is unparalleled in the industry.

AI Mass is the only computer-assisted tumor response evaluation platform shown to reduce errors in a multi-institution setting.

This advanced image processing and workflow tool gathers multiple tumor metrics, automates tumor metric extraction and calculations, provides annotated images of all tumor metrics, and simultaneously performs multiple objective response criteria.  


Musculoskeletal Imaging

Radiostics puts you in contact with experts in musculoskeletal imaging for your drug or device trial. We work with all imaging modalities and all joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments.


We have experience in all body regions and with a wide variety of devices. A thorough understanding of musculoskeletal imaging endpoints allows us to meet the needs of your clinical trial.


Cardiovascular Imaging

Radiostics has extensive experience and in-depth  knowledge in cardiovascular device studies. We specialize in aortic stents and peripheral vascular devices and interventions.


Our cardiovascular imaging experts provide consulting, advanced image processing, quantitative metrics and other services to assist with evaluation of your device.


We have collectively seen it all and understand that the success of your device requires accurate and timely quantitative data and expert image analysis.



Radiostics connects you with field leaders with content expertise across all major neuroimaging modalities and indications.


We understand the complexities of imaging endpoints required for monitoring specific neurological disease states in phase 1 through 4 clinical trials. You can rely on us for your consulting and both qualitative and quantitative image interpretation needs.


Molecular Imaging

Radiostics has field leaders in molecular imaging who specialize in image interpretation using a wide variety of radiotracers, and they have experience with all imaging modalities, including PET CT, PET MRI, and SPECT.  

We understand scintigraphic imaging, radionuclide therapy, and use of radionuclides to ascertain physiology and in vivo tracer kinetic studies. We have expertise in the following:

  • Tumor imaging (e.g. FDG PET CT or PET MRI, FLT PET, octreotide, gallium, bone scans, etc.)

  • Neurologic imaging (e.g. tumors, dementia, epilepsy)

  • Cardiac imaging (e.g. perfusion imaging, stress tests) endocrine (e.g. thyroid)

  • Physiologic imaging (e.g. renal function)

  • A wide variety of other conditions.

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