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Kelly Cox, D.O.

Imaging Experience: Oncology

Subspecialty Training:

  • CT CAP Cancer or Lymphoma

  • MRI Chest

  • MRI Abdomen

  • MRI Pelvis

  • MRI Prostate

  • CT Abdomen/Pelvis General

  • Ulstrasound General

  • Ulstrasound Elastography

  • MR Elastography

  • MRI Liver Iron Quanification

  • CT/MRI Fat Quantification

Institution: Emory University

Department / Division(s): Radiology / Abdominal Imagine

Institutional Roles: Interim Director of Body MRI

Clinical and Research Interests: Oncologic imaging, quantitative CT and MR imaging biomarker development and validation, chronic liver disease evaluation

ABR Certification: Yes


If you are interested in hiring this professional for your research project, contact us by email or call 205-573-3331.

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